Gloria Ann is very famous...  she must be because everyone wants to have their picture made with her...


Mommy pacifier

Sometimes Mommy's touch is all it takes

Time to go

This is as we were getting ready to leave the hospital. Gloria was about to need a diaper change...

Sleeping Beauties

The beautiful ladies were sleeping on the couch. (Until I took this and the flash woke Mommy up.)

Looking at Thomas

Thomas was very excited to have her looking at him.

Daddy's Princess

She spent a lot of her first week being held by Daddy.

Daddy's Lap

She was too beautiful to not take a picture.

Papa and his first Granddaughter

It has been a few years since he held a baby girl. How old are you again Aunt Mindy?

Papa and Gloria

As uncomfortable as he looks, I think he really did enjoy holding her. He did say he was scared that he might drop her. That seems to be a common concern.

I have eaten

She falls asleep eating and then wakes up after a bit. She is pretty happy for a little while before she goes back to sleep.

She's so sweet

Thomas really enjoys holding his sister. When she fusses he says: "Oooh, I knoooow.." in his sweet soothing manner. (He must get that from Mommy)

Our Job

Michael : "Our job is to protect her and to spoil her"

Thomas: "What does 'spoil' mean?"

Grandad DID hold Gloria

John did consent to hold Gloria Ann for a photo opp. He ended up holding her again later while she slept. He said she was "like holding a cat, except her claws didn't dig into you."