Gloria Ann

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Gloria Ann

Immediately after she was born, she had to get cleaned up.

Gloria Ann

Still getting cleaned up. I didn't take any more pictures for a little while. I was too busy introducing myself to my darling little girl.

The Beautiful Mommy

After laboring at home overnight, she finally let me take her to the hospital. She was kind and went ahead and delivered the baby after an hour and half at the hospital.

Gloria and Daddy

She is perfect... what more can I say?

Gloria and Daddy

Beautiful Mommy and Beautiful Baby

My wonderful sweet perfect girls!

Gloria in Mommy's arms

Gloria tried to get her lunch before mommy got to eat hers.

Sweet Face

A better angle on my little sweetheart.

Thomas and Gloria

Thomas loving on his sister. He is very sweet to her, and very protective. He even remembered to wash his hands before he held her!

Careful Brother

He was very careful with her. (and bossy about other people disturbing her)

Our Sweet Babies!

Thomas holding his sister. "Mostly, I want her to grow up enough to be able to play."

Aunt Mindy and Gloria

Mindy drove up from Mobile to meet her neice.

Mindy and Gloria

Trying to get a good picture...

Mindy and Gloria

Proud Aunt Mindy

Mindy and Gloria

She was awake here.


We were trying to get a good picture of her eyes, without blinding her with a flash.


Mindy claims she is going to call her Butterbean

Mindy with Gloria

This was the first time that she had her eyes open for any amount of time. She looked around for about 30 minutes, before she started to get sleepy again.